Entering a new stage of growth

We are very excited to announce that the year 2016 will mark a new chapter in Kukai's story.

In December 2012, Kukai first expanded outside of its domestic market of Japan to Bellevue, Washington.

But did you know that what you know of as Kukai in the United States, is actually more commonly known

as Kookai in Japan? While we stayed true to our recipes, food and spirit of Japanese customer service,

 we had to change our name because the French fashion label Kookaï had a significant presence in the

United States.





Four years later, as we expanded to the market of Taiwan and as our international customer base

exponentially increased, we have come to realize that "Kukai" means a lot more than "air and sea"

to many non-Japanese people. It is actually more commonly associated with a famous Japanese

monk who founded a school of Buddhism. Also, In Hawaiian, Kukai means......well, you can google that ;-)



Our company motto has always been simple. We want to deliver the most delicious, authentic

Japanese ramen to our customers, in a comfortable environment, with service that brightens your day.

And we want to do this for many, many more people.

This coming new year will be a very important new stage of growth for us. We will be entering the

new markets of Chicago, Indiana, California and Australia. To celebrate this new stage of international

growth and expansion, we have decided to adopt a new name, Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya.




This new name was chosen with great thought and careful consideration (we checked with the Hawaiians too)

and we hope that our customers will like it. Aside from the name change, not much else is going to change.

Our ownership, management, quality and consistency of food and service will all remain exactly as they are,

 if not better. This small but meaningful name change will give us greater flexibility in entering new markets

and we hope, help us build stronger connections with our existing and new customers.





Our President Tsujimoto Masahiro came from our Tokyo headquarter to visit our upcoming new location in West Seattle and

supervised the process of our name change.


The new year is the most important time of the year for the Japanese and we think it's only appropriate

that we begin the new year with our new name, Kizuki Ramen. Beginning 1st Jan, 2016, we will begin the

switch to our new name. It will take some time but whether you see the name Kukai or Kizuki, please

know to expect the same quality of food and service that you always have.


Thank you for continuing to make us a part of your lives. In the coming weeks, we would like to show

our deep appreciation for all our loyal customers with a series of promotions and gifts.

Happy New Year!